May 21-28, 2013, 8th Process Summer Academy, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin.
Dr. Jay McDaniel led this summer academy. Dr. Kevin Clark, Zhihe, Fubin Yang and I played his assistant. This team work went very well.
In order to reward their hard work, Harbin Institute of Technology granted Jay and Kevin guest professors.
30 persons participated in this summer academy. There were many stories happened during the academy. There was one family that we called “process family” because their whole family came, the mother, Prof. Yang Li, the father, dean Wen Hengfu, both of them from Harbin Normal University, and their son who has been working on IT business participated in the academy from beginning to the end. A Taiwanese scholar who identified himself a true Marxist also joined this academy. In the beginning, he liked to argue with us, but we built a good relationship with him and he admires what we are doing for the common good. There were four students who had oversea learning experience so their English were very good. They helped the classes a lot with their translation skill. Xuan Pan was one of them and she told us at the end that her mom wanted to join our next year’s summer academy since she kept sharing her experience with her mom and telling her mom how wonderful and attractive process thought was.