2015-Conferences in China

We sponsored or cosponsored the following 7 conferences in China for 2015.

  1. 9th International Conference on Whitehead Wisdom Kindergartens, Beijing, June 24, 2015.
  2. “Organic Farming and Ecological Civilization from the Constructive Postmodern Perspective”, Zaoqiang County, Hebei, June 25, 2015.
  3. “Process Thought and Education Reform”, Harbin Normal University, June 29-30, 2015.
  4. “Organic Marxism and Ecological Civilization”, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, July 11-12, 2015.
  5. Beijing Pando Forum, July 14, 2015, China University of Politics and Law, Beijing
  6. The First International Forum of Sunshine Eco-Villages Forum, Oct.28-29, 2015, Anji, Zhejiang
  7. The Third Rural Civilization Forum, Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing, Nov. 1-2, 2015.