Thus far, the China Project/IPDC has organized the publication of more than 20 Chinese translations of Process books. Some of which include: The Reenchantment of Science, God and Religion in the Postmodern World, Process Theology, Postmodernism and Public Policy, and Beyond Dialogue, etc.
Our current translation project involves another set of ten Process books: For the Common Good by Herman Daly and John Cobb, The Liberation of Life by Birch and Cobb, Reenchantment without Supernaturalism by David Griffin, Whitehead’s Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy by David Griffin, Unsnarling the World-Knot by David Griffin, Universal Feeling by John Buchanan, Gandhi’s Hope by Jay McDaniel, God as Poet of the World by Roland Faber, and the likes.

Books by Whitehead translated and published in China

Science and Modern World. Tran. By Ying Liao, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2005.

Science and Modern World. Tran. By Qin He, The Commercial Press, 2007.
Process and Reality. Tran. by  Fubin Yang. China City Press, 2003
Adventures of Ideas. Tran. by  Bangxian Zhou. Guizhou People Press, 2000. Tran. by Guiquan Zhang. China City Press, 2002
Modes of Thought. Tran. by  Donghu Han, Hong Li. Huxia Press, 1999.

Modes of Thought. Tran. by  Fangtong Liu. The Commercial Press, 2004.
Aims of Education. Tran. by Ruzhou Xu. Sanlian  Press, 2002.
Process and Reality. Tran. by  Bangxian Zhou. Guizhou People Press, 2006
Religion in the Making. Tran. by  Bangxian Zhou. Guizhou People Press, 2007
Symbolism, its meaning and effect. by  Bangxian Zhou. Guizhou People Press, 2007

The Function of Reason Ming Huang.Daxiang Press, 2010.

The Concept of Guiquan Zhang. Yilin Press, 2011.

Adventures of Bangxian Zhou. The People’s Press, 2011.

Process and Reality.Tran. by Bulou Li,The Commercial Press, 2011

    The translation of Whitehead’s Essays in Science and Philosophy has been finished by Prof. Yuehou Qu, the translator of Process Theology, and is ready to go to print.