Only if China and India (as well as America) soon start to make the postmodern turn does our planet have hope. —David Ray Griffin


13th Summer Academy (2018, Xuling) winners

First class: Huang Yi from Anhui University
Second class: Liu Yujia from Harbin Normal and Jiang Linteng
Third class: Wang xiaodan from Shanxi University, Ji Tianhua and Dong Qiang from Harbin Normal

12th Summer Academy (2017, Xuling) winners

First class: Wang Shuang
Second class: Angela Siqun Yu and Feng Zhangjun
Third class: Guo Xu;Ling Lang and Hu Yanmin

11th Summer Academy (2016, Guangzhou) winners

First class: Xialing Lv from Zhejiang University
Second class: Zhuang Yanqing from Guangdong Finance College and Jocelyn Lin from Harbin Normal
Third class: Zhang Ying from Hebei University of Technology, Chen Jing from Harbin Normal and Li Anjun from South East University

10th Summer Academy (2015, Harbin) Winner

First class: Kaige Gao from HIT
Second class: Ma Cui Ming from China University of Law and Politics and Wang Rou Jian from Hebei University of Technology
Third class: Pan Zhixin from Xi’an and Liu Shi Yu from Harbin Normal University

9th Summer Academy (2014,Mudanjiang) Winner

First class: Chen Jing from Harbin Normal
Second class: Liu Yiyu from South China Normal University; Hu Xiuwei from Harbin Normal
Third class: Lan Jing and Yan Zhonghui from Harbin Normal

7th Summer Academy (2012, HIT) winner

First class: Hu Xiuwei Harbin Normal University
Second class: Liu Lu from Harbin Normal University

6th Summer Academy (2011, Tianjin) winner

First class: Guo Haipeng from UIC
Second class: Lv Xiaomin from Shandong Normal University; Wang Xu from Shenyang University of Technology

5th Summer Academy (2010, Beijing) winner

First class: Wu Yunpeng from Shandong Normal University
Second class: Meng Genlong from Beijing; Xie Banxiu from Hunan

4th Summer Academy (2009, Shanghai) winner

First class: Zhang Guo from Huazhong University of Sciences and Technology
Second class: Zhao Weiping (Beijing Normal); Chen Weigong (Beijing); Zhang Jing (Beijing Language University); Wang Tianping (South-west University)

3rd Summer Academy (2008, Taigu) Winner

First class: Liu Jian from Beijing Foreign Language University
Second class: Li Shiyan (Shenyang University of Technology

2nd Summer Academy (2007, Yantai) Winner

First class: Dong Hui from Huazhong University of Sciences and Technology
Second class: Li Xueyin from South-west University; Jiao Ting from Shandong Normal University; Xie Tian from Zhejiang University

1st Summer Academy (2006, Guiling) winner

First class: Gu Yulan from Yancheng Normal University