Karen Torjesen (the board member of IPDC) and Chen Kun (professor at Cal Poly Pomona) Presiding
6:00 p.m. Reception
6:20 Welcome and Instructions
6:30 Dinner
7:20 Move to Decker Hall
7:25 Greeting from Peter Yao (the former mayor of
7:30 David R. Griffin, Vice President of IPDC, “Whiteheadian
Constructive Postmodernism and Ecological Thinking”
7:55 Music by James Manley & Pilgrim Pickers
In our time, a new earth rages; Hunker down; Tuval;
Mo Li Hua.
8:10 Presentation of John Cobb Common Good Award to Liu
Zongchao by Joe Hough , advisor of IPDC, to recognite of his tireless efforts and remarkable achievements over many years in promoting ecological civilization, and in emphasizing the crucial importance of ecological agriculture.

and response by
Liu, President of the Chinese Academy of Beijing Ecological
8:25 Philip Clayton, Treasurer of IPDC, “Harmony of
Chinese Scholars, IPDC and Claremont Lincoln University”
8:45 Zhihe Wang, Executive Director, “The Fate of the Planet
Lies in the Hands of I and Thou”
8:55 Request for support – Cobb, President of IPDC
9:00 Closing