Only if China and India (as well as America) soon start to make the postmodern turn does our planet have hope. —David Ray Griffin

Dr. Tiejun Wen’s Visit to the Institute for Postmodern Development of China and Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College

Tuesday, September 11

6:00 pm CA 983 arrived at LAX, Pick him up around 7:00-7:30 pm, simple super will be on the way to Claremont.
9:00 pm Stay in Pilgrim Place Guest House.

Wednesday, September 12

8:00 am breakfast at Waters
9:00 am Conversation with Dr.Cobb.
11:20 am Meet PBI Staff, at PBI and walk over to Oldenborg PBI Address: 420 Harvard Avenue, Rooms 111-114, Pomona College
Office Phone: 909-607-8035
12-1 pm Luncheon Lecture: “Global Crisis and New Rural Reconstruction Movement in China” at the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations
*You may expect to speak for about 30 minutes or until 12:45. At this time, we will have 10 or 15 minutes of questions. People usually start leaving shortly before 1 pm for their classes and to go back to work, but sometimes a small group stays behind. You may continue to interact with them for a bit longer, if you wish.
1:15 pm Meet PBI Interim Director, Zayn Kassam (tentative)
1:45 pm Depart Pomona College
2:00 pm Rest
3:00 pm Conversation with Dr. Dean, Dr. Evaggelos and Dr.Cobb
5:30 pm Dinner at China Gate