Media Reports

Some top Chinese media such as The People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency have shown strong interest in our project. They sent reporters to our events, especially  our Claremont June Whitehead Congress. 16 newspapers including the No. 1 Chinese Newspaper The People`s Daily and some provincial newspapers such as Tibet Daily, Inner Mongolia Daily, etc, reported our June Whitehead Congress, “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization.”

52 websites including China News Net, Xinhua Net, CCTV-News Net, People Net, China Youth Net, China Military Online, etc, published or reprinted reports on our Congress. More than 1,890,000 results about this Congress can be found in Chinese

Xinhua News also reported on the 9th International Whitehead Congress (in both English and Chinese)

Claremont attracted more Chinese media including The People’s Daily, Xinhua News, and CCTV to come. They sent reporters tot our 7th International forum on ecological civilization. Their report on the forum is widely received in China.

they also have done some stories on our advisors.

David Griffin’s Story

Angela’s story

Dean’s Story


Huili He, “Small Postmodern City Claremont.” Green Leaf 2-3 (2014)

The People’s Daily Interviewed Claremont

The city is small, but the meaning is big.

John’s story:

A hat with hole and a conference with hope

Xinhua News interviewed John Cobb

Xinhua News interviewed Philip Clayton

Xinhua News interview Cliff Cobb

David Schwerin’s interview

Christy Brown’s talk

Carol Johnston’s talk

CCTV Host Yongyuan Cui interviewed John Cobb, Dean Freudenberger, Evaggelos Vallianatos, and Angela Donnelly, Lynn Juarez, and Charlene Tschirhart at Pilgrim Place.