Only if China and India (as well as America) soon start to make the postmodern turn does our planet have hope. —David Ray Griffin

Third Sino-US Postmodern Psychology Forum
“Postmodern Psychology, Postmodern Moral Education, and Healthy Life from a Constructive Postmodern Perspective”



Nov.10, 2016/2016年11月10日

Location: Haddon Conference Room on CST campus/地点:克莱蒙,海登会议室


9:00-9:50   Opening and Plenary Speech: Chair:Meijun Fan


9:00-9:10   Music by Bonnie Tarwater

9:00-9:25   Opening remarks: John B. Cobb, Jr.


9:25-9:50   Chuck Rassieur:Covenant for Short-term Marriage Counseling

Small group and plenary discussion/分会回应及大会讨论
Moderator/主持: Walter Rutherford/瓦特·卢瑟福 & Zhihe Wang/ Zhihe Wang

9:50-10:05   Small Group/小组回应

10:05-10:30   Plenary discussion/讨论

10.30-10:45   Break/茶歇

Plenary Speeches (大会发言)

Chairs/主席:Jiang Hong/蒋红教授

10:45-11:00 Li Xingeng: On Optimization of Ecological Environment of Moral Education for the Youth Development from the Perspective of Postmodernism
刘新庚教授: 后现代青年发展视域中德育生态环境优化路径探讨

11:00-11:15 Zhihe Wang:
王治河博士: 建设性后现代的“自我”概念及其对大学生思想品德建设的意义

11:15-11:30 Wang Xinshan: A Brief Look at the Unique Domain and Constitution of the Psychology of School Moral Education

11:30-11:45 Jing Junxue: Nature and Difference: The Game Construction of Language in Derrida’s Difference Philosophy

Small group and plenary discussion/分会回应及大会讨论

Moderator/主持: Ji Tianshu/姬天舒教授

11:45-12:00 Small group/分会回应

12:00-12:20 Plenary discussion/大会讨论

12:20-1:45 Lunch/午餐


Plenary Speeches (大会发言)

Chairs/主席:Hu Jie / 胡洁教授

1:45-1:55 Ji Tianshu: Exploration and development of psychological painting therapy in China
姬天舒教授: 心理绘画疗法在中国的探索与进展

1:55-2:05 Li Zhiwei: Research on the Positive Quality of Contemporary University Students under the Perspective of Positive Psychology
李自维教授: 积极心理学视角下的中国当代大学生积极品质研究

2:05-2:15 Jiang Hong:
蒋红教授: 心理学与德育的关系分析

Small group and plenary discussion/分会回应及大会讨论

Moderator/主持:Wang Xingshan/王新山教授

2:15-2:30 Small group/分会回应

2:30-2:45 Plenary discussion/讨论

Plenary Speeches (大会发言)

Chairs/主席: Liu Xingeng/刘新庚教授

2:45-2:50 Hu Jie:“Sunshine” Project——A new mode of psychological health education in Universities from the perspective of positive psychology

2:50-2:55 Qi Weijing: Exploration of clinical effect and physiological factors of thought imprints therapy in low resistance state for mild to moderate depression
齐伟静博士: 低阻抗意念导入疗法治疗轻中度抑郁症的临床疗效及生理因素探索

2:55-3:00 Wei Yuan: The Contemporary Significance of Traditional Chinese Moral Education Concept
魏源: 中国传统道德教育理念的当代意义

Small group and plenary discussion/分会回应及大会讨论

Moderator/主持:Jing Junxue/景君学教授

3:00-3:15 Small group/分会回应

3:15-3:30 Discussion/大会讨论

3:30-3:45 Break/茶歇

Plenary Speeches (大会发言)

Chairs/主席:Andrew Schwartz /施安祝

3:45-4:15 Donna Orange:Climate Justice and Psychotherapeutics

4:15-4:45 Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi: Deer, Chicken, Hunting Dogs, and the Future of Humankind
米哈依•契克森米哈依博士: 鹿、鸡、猎狗与人类的未来

Small group and plenary discussion/分会回应及大会讨论

Moderator/主持:Li Zhiwei/李自维教授

4:45-5:00 Small group/分会回应

5:00-5:25 Plenary discussion/讨论

5:25-5:45 Wrap up/结束(Chairs/主席: Cobb, Zhihe Wang and Xingshan Wang/王新山